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Eternal Patrol, Treasure Coast Sub Veterans

Lost Harbor
by Leslie Nelson Jennings

There is a port of no return, where ships
May ride at anchor for a little space
And then, some starless night, the cable slips,
Leaving an eddy at the mooring place . . .
Gulls, veer no longer. Sailor, rest your oar.
No tangled wreckage will be washed ashore.

Flags on memorials at Arlington Cemetary

Boyce O’Bryan YNC (SS)

John Alexander CDR

Douglas Williams CDR

Baron Smith RD2 (SS)

Patrick Shifflett FN (SS)

Edward Traylor QMC (SS)

Connie Nuckols, Associate Member

Richard Ellsworth LCDR

Gerald Hollingsworth FMC (SS)

Marvin Ruzansky RM2 (SS)

Kenneth Nilsson LCDR

Lillian Barden, “Chickie”, Associate Member

Walt Barden ICC (SS)

Thomas Burke LCDR

Nicholas Cuneo SN (SS)

Joe Most EMZ (SS)

Stanley Skorupski, Jr. CAPT

Edgar Seguin, Jr. EM3 (SS)

Ray Painter EN (SS)

Dan Walker RM3 (SS)

Jerry Padrta LCDR

Norman “Tommy” Thompson (SS)

Roger Wayne Rutland (SS)

Bill Puls (SS)